Creator Mike Judge Is Set To Launch Beavis and Butt-Head Reboot On Comedy Central

Comedy Central has announced the duo’s return with news of a reboot of the classic ‘90s animated series with the show’s original creator Mike Judge at the helm providing the stories, production, and voices for both iconic, idiotic characters.
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HBO Max Launches Today: Here's What You Need to Know

Your streaming choices have just increased as HBO Max finally launched on Wednesday. The subscription service comes with a huge catalog of films and TV shows, including all ten seasons of “Friends,” and is available to new customers for $15 a month.
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Gary Busey

"Gary Busey: Pet Judge" Will Be Coming to a Streaming Service Near You This Month

Gary Busey: Pet Judge will be hitting streaming platforms this month!
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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Will Play Joe Exotic In a New 'Tiger King' Series

Nicolas Cage is set to play Joe Exotic in a new 'Tiger King' scripted series.
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Reno 911 Cast

A Reno 911 Reboot is Coming to Quibi on May 4th

A Reno 911 reboot is coming to the streaming service Quibi!
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'Friends' Episodes Will Begin Streaming on HBO Max in May

Your “Friends” will be there for you soon. All episodes of the beloved sitcom comedy will be available for streaming when HBO Max officially launches. The reunion special has been postponed to a later date. Read more now.
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‘Fraggle Rock’ Reboot Series Launches on Apple TV+

’Fraggle Rock’ has been rebooted on AppleTV+ with a collection of new mini-episodes entitled “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!” Each episode is between three and five minutes and features the show’s classic Muppet characters.
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TV Reporter Accidentally Records Showering Husband

In California, a TV reporter’s husband made his television debut in a way he probably didn’t expect. The reporter accidentally caught her man showering in the corner of her self-tape frame. See the details.
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The Office Cast

You Could Get Paid $1,000 To Watch 15 Hours of 'The Office'

Dish wants to pay you to watch 15 hours of The Office !
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Here's the Net Worth of Each 'Friends' Cast Member, Ranked

Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer made a lot of money starring on ‘Friends’, but they made even more in their careers after the show ended. Here’s how much every cast member is worth now.
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