Diet Coke Shortage

The Coronavirus may cause a diet coke shortage!
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TSA Has Banned Souvenir Soda Bottles From Disney's Galaxy's Edge Because They Look Like Explosives

Have you ever gone through the list of things allowed and banned by the TSA? Like there's a lot of oddly specific items on there. One of those oddly specific items is the souvenir soda bottles from Disney's new Galaxy's Edge theme park. The bottles are round and have a resealable cap. Each of the...
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Mountain Dew Has A New Halloween Flavor!

Mountain Dew has a new flavor for Halloween called "Voo-Dew." Sounds nasty. #VooDew #MountainDew #Halloween #limitededition2019 #mysteryflavour A post shared by Ashley Wright (@puffkins2000) on Aug 12, 2019 at 6:35pm PDT
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Virginia Bill proposes Official Soft Drink

A new bill proposes the idea for Virginia to have an official soft drink. Del. Margaret Ransone, whose district spans several Northern Neck counties is sponsoring a bill to have Northern Neck Ginger Ale the official soft drink of the commonwealth. If ratified, Northern Neck Ginger Ale would join...
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