Neon Trees

BFD 2020

CANCELED: Big Field Day 2020

Big Field Day 2020 has been announced with Angels & Airwaves, Neon Trees and more performing at Innsbrook After Hours on June 6, 2020 has been canceled.
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HOME SCHOOLED: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees Makes At-Home Taco Bell

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees is passing his time social distancing at home, by cooking up his own version of vegetarian Taco Bell. See what he’s serving up.
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Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees and Liz from XL102

Liz Skypes with Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees!

Liz sits down with Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees via Skype to talk about new music, how to stay sane while social distancing, going to Congress, and more!
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WORLD PREMIERE: Neon Trees Are Back and Bright with 'Used To Like'

We say “new era” a lot when it comes to music, with each album often assigned that level of importance, as though a band is reborn upon each release. It’s not always true, but with Neon Trees it absolutely is this time around. Tyler Glenn and the gang “turned the lights off in a public way,” as...
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