Chicken and Waffles

KFC Has Chicken and Waffles Now!

KFC has just done something AMAZING. They have finally rolled out CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!! The Colonel's extra crispy fried chicken on a Belgian style waffle topped with Mrs. Butterworth's? Count. Me. In. It's only available through December 31st so get it while you can! That’s right. Kentucky Fried...
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KFC Will Pay Someone $11,000 To Name Their Kid After The Colonel

11 grand to name your kid after the Colonel? I'm in! KFC will give you $11,000 in exchange for your child's eternal misery https://t.co/eq7OD0Q7j4 pic.twitter.com/nRFUbKuuh0 — The Takeout (@thetakeout) August 29, 2018
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