Guy Creates Hilariously Wholesome PornHub Account

A guy named Ryan Creamer has gone viral after creating a hilariously wholesome PornHub account. His account creates parodies of typical porn story lines and they are aboslutely hilarious! It turns out, you can kind of post whatever you want on PirnHub. I've posted some of them below (but the links...
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LOOK: Cops Find Suspect Hiding In Tiny Dryer!

Cops in Spokane, WA recently were chasing after a lead that a man was going to violate a no-contact order when they found him hiding in a tiny dryer! Check out the picture below.
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Jeff Goldblum

FINALLY! A Giant Statue of Jeff Goldblum!

Who can forget that icoic moment in Jurassic Park where a sweaty, injured, and undone Jeff Goldblum (Dr. Ian Malcom in the film) surveys the damage the dinosaurs are wreaking on Jurassic Park? Pretty sure I felt some kind of awakening watching it as a child. ANYWAY, someone has decided to...
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