Watch! "NFL 2019" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

Bad Lip Reading is back! Video of "NFL 2019" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL
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Pizza, Beer, and Football

With the NFL playoffs kicking off last weekend and the Super Bowl only four weeks away, Pizza Hut expands it's Beer Delievery serivce adding nearly 300 more locations. Pizza Hut stated the expansion will include resturants across Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and additional...
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Longhorn v Bulldog

Last night the Georgia Bulldogs were taking on the texas Longhorns in the All State Sugar Bowl when pre-game the Longhorn's mascot, "Bevo" (an actual longhorn) charged at Georgia's mascot, "Uga" (an actual bulldog). Video of Texas Mascot Nearly Attacks Georgia Mascot! | 2018 Sugar Bowl Bevo's...
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Vontae Davis

The Buffalo Bills Are So Bad That Vontae Davis Retired Mid-Game

Look, I've been upset with my co-workers before but I haven't quit my job about it! The Bills were down by 22 against the Chargers yesterday when Vontae Davis decided that he had had enough and RETIRED MID-GAME. He just straight up left the game, making him the first NFL player (that I know of at...
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Game Day

Enter to win a 50' TV courtesy of Frank's Red Hot!

Enter to win a 50" TV from Frank's Red Hot. We put that BLEEP on everything! Visit Frank's Red Hot website for receipes for the Big Game!
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