VA Hop and Barley Festival

Virginia Hops and Barley Festival

Come to the 2018 Virginia Hops and Barley Festival and sample more than 30 different craft beers! Plus, there will be live music, great food and more! Find out more information by clicking here !
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This New Beer Is Based On A Founding Father's 1752 Recipe!

Budweiser has just introduced a new beer to the market for the summer! It's called the Freedom Reserve Red Lager, and it's actually based on a recipe written by George Washington in 1752! The only thing that could make this beer more American is if a bald eagle screams while military jets fly...
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Americans Are Not Drinking These Beers Anymore!

Other than PBR, most Americans are getting away from domestic beers! Beers Americans no longer drink — Craft Beer Time (@CraftBeerTime) December 29, 2017
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Hey! You're Pouring Your Beer Wrong!

Yes, you may be pouring you beer wrong and it may be upsetting your stomach! You've been pouring beer all wrong! Why tilting the glass to avoid a foamy head actually leaves you bloated (and it's even worse if you eat snacks with your drink) via @Femail — Food Stories (@...
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A Belt Buckle That Holds Your Beer!!

It's the best of both worlds! It hold up your pants and beer! See for yourself here !
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The Champagne Of Beers Means It!

Miller High Life is relasing Champagne size bottles of beer for New Years Eve! Good news: There's still some left around Chicago. Bad news: It probably won't be for too much longer because it's selling quickly. The Champagne of Beers goes big for New Year’s celebrations | MillerCoors Behind the...
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