Pizza, Beer, and Football

With the NFL playoffs kicking off last weekend and the Super Bowl only four weeks away, Pizza Hut expands it's Beer Delievery serivce adding nearly 300 more locations. Pizza Hut stated the expansion will include resturants across Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and additional...
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Miller High Life Will Come in a Champagne Bottle For a Limited Time

Miller High Life - The Champagne of Beers - has announced that for a limited time they will be bottling the beer in champagne bottles! You can readmore about it below! Miller High Life is releasing limited edition champagne bottles — Milwaukee...
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Beer and Peanuts

This Beer Tastes Like Mr. Peanut

Have you ever wondered what Mr. Peanut tastes like? No? Me either. But apparently a brewery in Illinois has because they just teamed up with Planters to create a beer that tastes like their beloved Mr. Peanut mascot. Noon Whistle Brewing in Lombard, Illinois has created the Mr. IPA-Nut beer...
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Scott's Addition Pumpkin Festival

Don't miss the Scott's Addition Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, October 20th from 12-6! Check out the beer, food, music, costume contests and of course, pumpkins!
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Candy Corn

Forget Pumpkin Beer, Candy Corn Beer Is Where It's At!

This might be a controversial opinion to have but I LOVE candy corn! So when I saw that a brewery in Wisconsin has created a candy corn beer I was STOKED! Move over pumpkin everything! It's called the Candy Corn Cream Ale and it is made by Westallion Brewing Company in West Allis, Wisconsin. Here's...
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Stone’s Throw Down in RVA

Head over to Brown's Island and join Stone Brewery for their second annual music and craft beer festival on septemebr 8th! Get your tickets today!
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Free Bud Light for Cleveland! ...IF the Browns Win a Game

Now this is just mean! Budweiser has placed 10 fridges FULL OF FREE BEER at bars throughout the city of Cleveland. Sounds great right? Well, the fridges are LOCKED and will only open if the Cleveland Browns win A GAME. Any game. But good luck with that Browns fans, they were 0 and 16 last year. You...
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VA Hop and Barley Festival

Virginia Hops and Barley Festival

Come to the 2018 Virginia Hops and Barley Festival and sample more than 30 different craft beers! Plus, there will be live music, great food and more! Find out more information by clicking here !
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This New Beer Is Based On A Founding Father's 1752 Recipe!

Budweiser has just introduced a new beer to the market for the summer! It's called the Freedom Reserve Red Lager, and it's actually based on a recipe written by George Washington in 1752! The only thing that could make this beer more American is if a bald eagle screams while military jets fly...
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Americans Are Not Drinking These Beers Anymore!

Other than PBR, most Americans are getting away from domestic beers! Beers Americans no longer drink — Craft Beer Time (@CraftBeerTime) December 29, 2017
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