Manchester Orchestra with Clifford BFD 2018

Monday, July 2nd

I got to sit down with Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra before they took the stage for BFD 2018.  We talked about last year's great A Black Mile To The Surface, the collaborations and covers they've done, how family life has changed their touring schedules and their favorite restaurant in RVA.

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Black man out of the surface. One of my top three if not top album of two point seven team. It is definitely be one that I come back to most often pass that fact because there's so much going on and it. So when you guys came up to this idea did you know that you're gonna put out it's just the album of the year. I mean we were aiming for it. Theories that took us so long to do this because you feel like it was good enough yet. And so we knew. There wasn't anything rushed about it we're going to be really meticulous in what we. Added and then ended up subtracting and sort of the search for for for the unattainable goal we were looking for. So again I mean I was that was our intention is to make something that we were impressed with the ourselves. And now had. A lot of layers today you know to continue to be peeled back. It definitely does that mean how long did it take for the recording process August. Recording is eight months. And then writing was probably another four it's yes yes. Just about a year total overall while. Yeah it's definitely. It's it is a work to do something like that and it really like. It's tough mentally right and long conversations in rabbit tonight. Tucker that if we. Start over again there you know or what we know when we're done it right that was the scariest thing it's. Not knowing how far we've come or. With it being art you can always tinker with it and it can always change and it literally takes edges. There's something in your brain has to switch where you're like it's there we did that. Or disclose its going to be you know we aim for something that we could even see. And if we landed like what in the parking lot of that you know aspirations and I think. I don't know elected that success there's also the first time I didn't list of the record every finished it. For really really long time. And almost get like anxiety listening to it for months afterwards and now that it was a kind of go back it was it was fresh ears and I'm really proud of what it is. But yet hearing mixing Alex I kind of lost it mind. Perspective on all of it happened talent is all sounding like I got here. Where did you guys and a recording. Bill we dated in four different towns we Asheville, North Carolina and Atlanta. LA. Couple different studios in LA and and it was mixed and England. Well it's nice and so you guys that are from Atlanta we are correct yes that's. The first Imus very alive is seat he needs. Yeah and then did you guys wave of them via a landmark. Festival in DC this week's right landmarks Monica Seles. If not the same here it's like a year after it was. As I was like I've never seen you guys and then I sorry twice and are and I'm so you live performances just. It blew me away. You know I'd always heard you know I got friends friends you know it was always kind of there but then. As a band you guys just kind of build its likable here worm. That's in there in a good way and you guys just really kind of build your presence. Around that sound. And then you know cope with so loudly it. So loud and great and it sounds great lives. And then this album black under the surface last here it's almost like this this why it's anxious way. Explosions again it's I mean it's fantastic so how did you go from so loud too. Finding that some. Sweet spots. Well I think everything sort of very actions so you know we're trying to evolve as an artist in me never to continue the same thing and hopefully. Hopefully it sounds like your man and it doesn't sound like you may have sounded before and cope was the decision that we felt like we were probably about as bold as we could be and still make a punk rock record. There wouldn't be in vain and we really felt passionately about. And I'm really proud that we did it because we exercise that. Spain and I thought that every man has its there may have a lot of fans have like me mention that in heavier this bit louder dissidents faster. They're like you know let's make that who now mom and dad dedicate ourselves today. So once that was out of the way it did sort of took all of our tools that we are comfortable with the way but it also forced us to them. Sharpens and other areas and figure out how to. But he said an expert sounds a quiet explosion that sort of idea or it's like have you that the listener. And hard and you know but also keep your head moving without thinking on that things that we. Know how to do really well just guitars. And that had to do it melodies and here eggs and making sure that. Every moment of it you know with the space is being used correctly. You kind of brought that up of being canceled as expensive to do that ever records or what do you think of like BB you know revivalist like to get up to absurd have a new Kia out is that. Good bet is that scary territory as a basket. Man I mean I love those guys they're friends of ours in. Mets in many years ago and I'm happy whenever they do anything and it's super influential bands in that meat and potatoes rock bands a lot of times gets lumped into any you know area that I never got that vibe from them. I think it's great those guys continues to make a living. Land and abandoned they love it there old high school you know friends. And it's cool as like Mac's daughter. From the against his daughter has a man. That's now starting and she's sixteen and story or tour and it's it's cool to see that evolution to the circle. I guess you guys are assemblyman as well yes yes and you just. We both just outsold distressed nice nice five weeks apart yet what. So though. They'll grow up. There they'll never be a time when they don't know each other apps as exciting as their cousins to Roberts made sisters as it related to honestly happy and nice and are you going to steer them towards or away from. The music we keep saying they're gonna rebel and wanna go to college yet. At punk rock that's paying attention in school it's great to. That's another thing the number of big fan of is who you work with the collaborations but covers that you guys do remember at least. Why of Pedro the lion love Julian baker love the fact that you guys did that. Tell me your influences like what made you go out and do better all these people are your friends in our group love your eye and breast and he's frightened rabbit. Good they've just our friends and you just decided he wanted to do a lot together with them. I think whatever. People always talk about collaboration alive and especially if that's supposed to like that your eyes and make him a song with somebody. I was just less like me yes some friends and sometimes. You never know each other musically and other Times of India as a fan of them and they were a fan of us and our motto in general because we are also fans of music and how things are released and cool. Cool things that happened if you can just focus enough to get this thing done it's always for the best you know it's a song like. It Brothers ever that we just released which. It's amazing that you bad I mean it's like yeah it's it cuts me every time making its past. But if that's a lot to episode you know it's the song and of itself but it Brothers but you guys you took him just really. It's ago on the ground. An example of we really love that song we could talk about cover it or we can actually like go to the studio. To start covering and then I get a part time in our effort and see what becomes of it in every time we've done that when we've collaborator at least dishonor covers of the net. Feels like a really good idea that we think people would enjoy it it's always worked out really well so it further encourages us to. And it's something that we enjoy doing there is there's a different kind of pressure on the cover because you're not having to come up with the content year ended. Hey you know respected and do your version of it and going in without that level stress into the studio. Always opens up some new little corner of your brain barrier like. Now I can kind of like take this and apply it to yours that we're going to be it a little bit more adventurous when you idealist without a solitary it done before. This year they're not afraid I'd screw it up. It's amazing to receive you know good things that you guys keep releasing and it's. For me at least it's hitting right arm like that same vibe it's it's great saves it ends last and you've actually been at Richmond. We stop enrichment he. That one restaurant I did it which ought to have not play it which under Italian restaurant adds yeah yours like upstairs. Let's I've got we've beaten this place. Like it is as quip that's it yeah. We going to be Andrea every year here's fantastic enough leadership wide arcs. I don't know just because of them. The routing of course it's nothing personal it's just I you know I've been taking a person I feel like I come on I think with kids down diagnosis kids have. Entered our shirt our lives. It's the ability to hit all of the markets gets harder he ran a go cart yet three weeks it. There are here what's available you know any kind of figure out what's kind of cool about that now is. We can do. He'll play markets that we haven't played in a really long time and people are excited to see him there and advantages in every market all the time. Right and there's the town abuzz today and I've. Super fanning out on Ayers thing that you guys are the most you know I wanna see you guys most lives that day. So there's there's a lot of via a lot of buzz. Not a good bye ZX people are ready to see you guys here in Richmond. And you guys came nor book which is on the road of the Norma. A few months ago and usually it's like a north nor we've got the map and the national and so it's. That we were like lots and then I was excited to get you guys him. The lineup for via the for tonight well thanks for common take a good time but I've received from the arc. Talked and that please don't be strangers to Richmond we appreciate that you did this to come to hang out right now in my eyes yeah oval we'll go to dance yes and I think it says it will only branch out and atheists in some of the around this bill that says. That's good choice I'd. I don't think.