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Physics Professor at Tidewater Community College Goes Viral

Bill Nye who? Dr. David Wright, a physics professor at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach has gone viral after one of his students posted a montage of some of his in class experiments on Twitter! The energetic professor can be seen riding skateboards, hopping on a pogo stick, and even...
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Penis Fish

Thousands of 'Penis Fish' Wash Up On California Beach

What would you do if you went to the beach and saw what appeared to be thousands of penises on the sand? For beachgoers at a California beach, that was a reality! Thousands of fat innkeeper worms (Urechis caupo) washed up on the beach. They typically burrow in the sand underwater and wildlife...
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This Is The Only Way To Quit A Job ::::NSFW:::

This dude is my fricken hero! Video of Guy quits Starbucks - Job Quitting Song
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The New Xbox Is Coming

The new Xbox is called the Series X, and will be available next Christmas! The new Xbox is called the 'Series X' and is officially coming in 2020 — UPROXX (@UPROXX) December 13, 2019
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Elliot in the Morning

Friday's Playlist

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Today, in Diane's Dirt...

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Hey, it's Elliot...

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Get Paid $5,000 to Live In a Scottish Castle and Drink Coffee

I'm not a big coffee fan but I am a big fan of money and castles. Gevalia Kaffe is looking for a "Coffee Queen" to rule over a Scottish castle for a week and drink bottomless coffee! The winner will also get $5,000 plus an all expenses paid trip for two to Scotland! In addition to the $5,000 "...
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Happy Little Sweater: You Can Get a Bob Ross Tacky Christmas Sweater

Whenever The Joy of Painting came on when I was little I would stop what I was doing and go into an almost catatonic state to the soothing sounds of Bob Ross' voice. I'm sure it was a relief to my mother. For those of you who grew up with "happy little trees" like me, you might be excited to find...
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Christmas Cookies

What Is The Most Popular Holiday Cookie In VA

Here in VA? Easy Christmas Crinkle Cookies? What the heck are those?
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