Rocket City Trash Pandas Are Breaking Records and They Haven't Played a Game Yet!

No offense to our buddies the Flying Squirrels, but this team name is awesome!

December 20, 2018
 Trash Panda

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Raccoons. Trash Pandas. Whatever you want to call them they can be adorable little trash bandits or maybe a nuisance sometimes.

One minor league baseball team in Alabama has decided to embrace the "trash panda" moniker and have named their team the Rocket City Trash Pandas! I for one, LOVE the name! Even though their first pitch won't be until the 2020 season, they are already breaking records. The team has sold approximately $500k in merchandise in just 6 weeks - a record for the MiLB!

Great job Trash Pandas! You can check out some of their merch below!