Portland Strip Club Launches 'Boober Eats' Delivery Service

Modern problems require modern solutions.

March 21, 2020
Strip Club

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One business that has been impacted by the coronavirus that you probably HAVEN'T thought about is strip clubs! The CDC hasn't said it outright, but lapdances are definitely not considered social distancing.

One exotic dance club in Portland has come up with a unique business model to bring in some cash while the world deals with the social restrictions brought on by the coronavirus. The club came up with 'Boober Eats' - a service where dancers from the club will deliver food to you! And not only does  it keep the dancers and cooks employed, the bouncers will still get paid as well since they'll be the ones driving the dancers to their deliveries for security. The club owner also said that the dancers will be available to pose for photos if people feel inclined to share their Boober Eats experience! I love it!

Check it out below!

It's actually happening! We are live! Boober Eats is ready for your order tonight! @luckydevilloungepdx @booberpdx

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