Pho Keene Great!

New Hampshire Vietnamese Restaurant Being Opposed By City Government

January 9, 2019

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In New Hampshire, a Vietnamese restaurant’s name is causing a controversy with the city government.

Pho Keene Great, which is located right next to city hall, has already removed its sign, after its owner, Isabelle Jolie, was asked to by city officials concerned about the “appropriateness of the ‘intended play on words’ on a city building.”

Cause if you say, Pho, it sounds like “fuh,” which is a Vietnamese soup and noodles dish. Its name is a pun, as shown by all of the  “Pho King” restaurants around the country.

The restaurant issued a press release over the weekend defending their name.

The resturant stated, “Yes, it’s a double entendre. In the famous words of Justice John Marshall II, ‘One man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric,’” Jolie wrote in the release. “We wanted it to be all of the things that a business would need to engage its audience: catchy, memorable, creative, fun and to make it a conversation piece about Vietnam’s most famous comfort food, pho.”

As of now, they have no plans on chaning their name..

“What do we serve? Where do we serve it? How does it taste? The answer is Pho Keene Great,” its website reads.