My Secret Santa Got Me What?

Women Ask For More Gifts After Finding Out Her Secret Santa Did Not Spend Enough

December 19, 2018

An intresting story coming from the wonderdul world of Reddit today is involving two co-workers who participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange. To save me the hassel let's call the poster of the photos, "A", and the one who called them out as, "B".

The required spening limit for the exchange was $50 dollars, however A only spent $30.

B, his co-worker called A out for not spending enough, in result A  offered to give her the $20 he did not spend to meet the required limit, however B had other plans. She asked for a brand new $120 tablet. 

A of course said no, then B went on a tirade in an attempt to get him to purchase this new tablet.

Check out the hilarious back and forth exchange between the two HERE.