Kit Kat Teases 4 New Pie Inspired Flavors

November 27, 2019

Getty Images


Kit Kat is teasing us!

The candy brand posted a Thanksgiving inspired teaser of new Kit Kat flavors on their Instagram story earlier! Then, popular food blog The Junk Food Aisle gave us a more in-depth close up of what those flavors are!

The four new flavors are Blueberry Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Cream Pie. As of right now there's no release date for them but I'm guessing sometime in 2020 if they decide to actually produce them!

Which one sounds most appealing to you? 

Kit Kat’s over here just dropping new flavors all over the place! No official word on these, other than @kitkat_us just posted them to their story to tease us (and there’s more where that came from via @junkfoodleaks_ !). -- #thejunkfoodaisle #kitkat #blueberrypie #sweetpotatopie #blueberry #candy #chocolate #applepie #limitededition #hersheys #candybar #chocolatebar

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