Joe Buck Wants People To Stop Sending Him Sex Tapes to Call Play-By-Plays

What a time to be alive!

April 2, 2020
Joe Buck

Phillip Faraone / Stringer | Getty Images


What a time to be alive!

Thanks to COVID-19 large gatherings and sporting events are cancelled. Which means your favorite sports commentators are out of work right now. Back in March, FOX Sports announcer Joe Buck took to Twitter and asked people to send him videos so he could keep practicing his play-by-play calls.

Obviously, fans jumped at the chance to get a play-by-play from Joe Buck. However, Buck says he's gotten some...racy videos sent to him as well!

In a recent interview Buck said of some submissions, "I've had a couple of submissions from let's say, a man and a woman, that just didn't seem appropriate to put my voice to in this stage of my life. Maybe later in life, but not now. I look at these videos very carefully and pick the ones that seem the most wholesome to put my voice to."

So please, don't send Joe Buck your sex tape.

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