It's 7/11 Day! Here's a TBT To When A Couple Got Married At a Richmond 7/11 in 1996

You can find love anywhere!

July 11, 2019

Scott Olson / Staff | Getty Images

Today is 7/11 Day so here is a 7/11 throwback story from 1996!

In December of 1996 Myrtle Bond married her long-lost love Owen “Jack” Tate at a 7/11 in the Museum District (you know, the one near Bandito's!) The couple had dated briefly in the 1980s but broke up and lost touch with one another. In 1996 Bond was a cashier at the 7/11 and was working there one night when Tate came in for a cup of coffee at 3 a.m. and they rekindled their romance! Tate told the RTD on his wedding day, “I have always loved Myrtle since the time we split up. I always had a thing for her.” They decided that it would be fitting if they got married at the 7/11 where they found each other again!

And little did they know that almost 19 years later I would grow up and live around the corner from that 7/11 and purchace pizzas at 3 a.m.

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