Chocolate Is Overrated: Get Your Valentine A Heart Filled With Fireball Mini Bottles

Show your Valentine that your love is on FIRE

February 12, 2020

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Ah Fireball. You know it's not a party until someone you didn't invite shows up with a bottle of it and starts passing it around. You only live once, right? 

This Valentine's Day don't get your Valentine (or Galentine) chocolates - get them 10 mini bottles of Fireball! They also come in a very cute heart shaped package! I've seen them around a local ABC stores recently and may or may not have dropped a few hints to my boyfriend that it would be a great gift.

Check it out below!

Show the one you care for, they still light the fire in your life with a 10pk of Fireball this Valentine's Day. ● IN STORE PURCHASES ONLY (No shipping) $9.99

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Life is like a box of Fireball, you never know which shot you'll get -- Fireball Valentine Hearts are now available for your sweet somebody at Vlamis! **NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT.. ANY DMS REQUESTING SHIPMENT, OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION ALREADY IN THIS POST WILL NOT BE OPENED OR RESPONDED TOO**

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