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LeVar Burton

LISTEN: Liz Talks To LeVar Burton

It's not everyday that you get to have a phone conversation with a HUGE figure from your childhood! You can check out his podcast, LeVar Burton Reads, HERE . LeVar Burton will be at GalaxyCon Richmond this weekend, February 28th - March 1st! You can get tickets and more info HERE . You can listen... Read More

Diet Coke Shortage

Coca-Cola is saying that the coronavirus has disrupted its supply chain and that artificial sweeteners from China may be in shorter supply. The beverage giant is only concerned if things deteriorate “in the longer term.” — Food & Wine (@foodandwine) February 26, 2020 Read More
Jim Breuer

Jim Breuer talks to Vaughn on XL102

Jim Breuer is kicking off his latest tour this Friday night at The National. I had a chance to speak with him about a few things including opening for Metallica, the dangers of hollywood, Chris Farley and more! Get tickets here before it sells out! JIM BREUER - 022620.mp3 Read More

Free Beer

Miller Lite has announced that this Saturday, February 29th, they're celebrating Leap Day by giving everyone a free 24-pack of beer. There is a catch! You buy the case, send them your receipt, and they'll refund the cost to you on PayPal. Saturday is Leap Day! 24 more hours of Miller Time. Keep an... Read More