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Could Heinz Be Bringing Back The Purple Ketchup???

Did Heinz just hint that they'll be bringing back the purple ketchup from 2001? One Twitter user asked them to bring it back and they replied! Check out the exchange below! I don't know about you, but I'd be stoked if they brought it back! Another year older, another year I wish they made purple... Read More
Musicians from Linkin Park; Brad Delsen, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn perform

Linkin Park Has "Started Talking About Making New Music"

For as long as the surviving members of Linkin Park leave the door open for making new music together, they can count on being asked about when it will happen. DJ Joe Hahn is the latest to provide hope to the fans who want the band to continue. In an interview conducted by South Korean newspaper... Read More

A 'Dead' Dog Digs Its Way Out Of Its Own Grave Grave!

The 18 year old dog's family though it had passed away. They burried him in the back yard and the dog managed to dig his way out of his grave and return to his family! WHAT?! 'Dead' dog digs out of its GRAVE and returns to its stunned Russian owners who'd buried it — Daily... Read More

Only One Avenger Knows How Endgame Actually Ends

You guessed it. The Avenger it all began with, Iron Man, is the only one who actually knows how 'Avengers 4' will end! We're just one week from the ENDGAME! <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""">https://www... Read More

Watch! Mr. Butts, The Skateboarding Pug!

THIS!!! Butts, a 7-year-old pug, loves to skateboard! There is a skateboarding pug outside @ABakedJoint . @PoPville @darth — Laura Hayes (@LauraHayesDC) March 20, 2019 Read More